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Why 澳门新葡新京在线?


富有同情心的老师, practical education, and endless opportunities — for a fraction of the cost you'll find at other institutions. That’s what you will get at 澳门新葡新京在线 Community College. Whether your plans include transfer to a four-year institution, 修几门课来获得学分, 或者在事业上的进步, 澳门新葡新京在线有这些项目, 教职员工, and the support you need to help you take the next step to your future.

Invest in yourself. We can help. Take your first steps to learn more about our programs and to apply.

见见我们社区的人.  Review the profiles of current students, graduates, faculty and staff on our Faces of 澳门新葡新京在线 page. 澳门新葡新京在线 is a place where inspiration and ambition find a supportive home.